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RSVP Volunteers in Service is sponsoring RSVP of Weld County. .  

Anyone age 55 years or older can become involved in RSVP.  There are no enrollment or membership dues.

The only requirements for participation are: 

A willingness to be of service on a regular basis in the community without monetary compensation.
A willingness to accept instruction and supervision as required.
A willingness to share the benefits of a lifetime of living!
Reside in or nearby Weld County, and serve within Weld County.

 Eligibility to be an RSVP volunteer is not restricted on the basis of education, income, experience, citizenship, race, creed, belief, color, national origin, sex, handicap or political affiliation

1961 – The White House Conference on Aging called attention to older adults’ continuing need for useful activity, especially after retirement.
1965 – As a result of the conference, Congress passed the Older Americans Act.  The Community Service Society of New York launched a pilot project involving a small group of older adult volunteers who volunteered their skills in service to their communities.  The project was called SERVE (Serve and Enrich Retirement by Volunteer Experience).
1969 – The success of SERVE demonstrated the value of older adult volunteers and led to an amendment to the older Americans Act, creating the Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP).
1973 – As a result of RSVP’s initial success, Congress increased funding to expand the program nationwide.
Today – RSVP is one of the largest volunteer efforts in the nation, matching local problems with older Americans willing to help.  Close to a half-million RSVP volunteers nationwide donate more than 64 million hours of service each year.  These volunteers support more than 850 locally directed RSVP projects.
In joining Weld County RSVP, you are part of a national network of dedicated senior volunteers!


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